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This Eco-friendly Button serves as a conversation starter with its beautiful burnt orange color, created with carefully chosen recycled material to beautify the wearer and the planet. The wearer of this button becomes a true trailblazer igniting fun and creative conversations about happy solutions to plastic waste. Little changes each person makes towards a zero-waste lifestyle helps the planet in a big way!


Each button is an individual piece of wearable art due to how the shreds are hand placed in each mold. All buttons are made using 100% recycled plastic (sourced from prescription bottles, product packaging, and plastic lids). Eachbutton is one of a kind and features a unique blend of green, orange, blue, gold, white and purple. The process involves shredding recycled plastic and mixing them into custom color blends so the results will vary in each piece.


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Details

    • Small button is 1 inch
    •Large Button is 1.5 inches
    • Lightweight, waterproof, durable

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