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This Heart Pendant is a great way to show your love for the planet! It would make the perfect gift for your eco-conscious friends and family members. This necklace is both beautiful and a way to start conversations about going green, being environmentally friendly, and creative solutions to climate change.


All pendants are made using 100% recycled plastic (sourced from prescription bottles, product packaging, and plastic lids). Each pendant is one of a kind and features a unique blend of green, orange, blue, gold and purple with the dominant colors being blue, green, or purple. The process involves shredding recycled plastic and mixing them into custom color blends so the results will vary in each piece.

Simple Heart Necklace

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Each Pendant comes with antiqued brass clasp made by other Northern California companies.

    • 1″x 1.25″ recycled plastic pendant
    • Charm of your choice
    • Chord of your choice
    • Lightweight, waterproof, durable

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